Home Is Where The Hearth Is
February 28th, 2011

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Well, what have we here? A new comic?

It’s been far too long since the last one. I will endeavor not to have such a long pause in the future, but no promises yet. If you’re still sticking around, or if you’ve only just found FMAF, many thanks. :D


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  1. L.B. says:

    Yay! Alabaster and Persimmons! Cooking up a nice meal in the fire, are they? Nice work in the third panel as well!

  2. Ian says:

    I thought I would try something a little different for that panel. Glad you liked it. :)

  3. mrgameandpie says:

    Finally a new comic! I hope to see more coming soon!

  4. Xiegfried says:

    Oh, good. I was starting to worry that this comic was dead! Don’t scare me like that, Ian =p. I love how close the first panel is. When I checked the site, that’s the first thing that I saw and it made me smile and chuckle.

  5. Anonymous (Not Really) says:

    Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise? I suppose the great thing about these long pauses is that it’s that much better when a new comic comes out.

  6. Jahvonne Combs says:

    This comic strip confuses me.

  7. Air says:

    Thank you, Alabaster. Now we get to sit around the fire, breathing in toxic fumes from the burning plastic and other poisons thrown away.

  8. Those are the two most evil little bastards ever, but they’re so damn cute!

  9. Air says:

    LTH: Oh come on, they aren’t doing anything evil right now. Are they? ARE THEY?????? Well, the burning plastic is a misdemeanor…………

  10. Guimac09 says:

    So, it’s been a long time since the last comic, will we have anything new?

  11. Plopo says:

    Well everyone else in the comic is either dead or in another dimension it doesn’t surprise me if Alabaster and Persimmons would either A.Set the world on Fire, B.Eat that all by themselves get sick and DIE, or C. They would eat it all by themselves, get really FAT, and become motionless blobs.

  12. Ian says:

    Guimac09: I’m taking some time to focus on my music at the moment, but I will return to the comic.

  13. Jahvonne Combs says:


  14. Anonymous (Not Really) says:

    Something tells me there’s more to this comic than meets the eye…

  15. Air says:

    Well, there is nothing new here, so I thought I’d ask a few questions. What did you use to build this site? Can I use the same “comments” system you use on sites like google sites? I’m thinking about starting my own web comic.

  16. Air says:

    Ian, did you delete my comment?

  17. Ian says:

    Air: No, but for some reason your comments require manual approval. Are you not using a signed in account?

  18. Totally not Ian says:

    Ian you are secretly dead. And that is your CLONE talking.

  19. Air says:

    No I am not…

    I also drew this fan comic…hope you like it! Please don’t freak out when you find out what kind of person I am. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6145665

  20. Ian says:

    Hey, thanks Air! And no worries – I don’t harbor any fur-hate.

  21. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    I seriously miss this comic.

  22. Jahvonne Combs says:

    @ totally not Ian:There is no clone of Ian.You just wan’t Ian to make a comeback.

  23. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    @JC: Where is Ian? Is he in your basement again?

  24. Jahvonne Combs says:

    @ Leah The Hippie:No he’s not. And why would Ian hide at my Basement?

  25. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    @JC ‘Cos you’re an Ian rapist?

  26. Jahvonne Combs says:

    @Leah-The Hippie:NO!

  27. Leah_The_Hippie says:


  28. Jahvonne Combs says:

    @Leah-the Hippie:This webcomic is not dead but Homestar Runner.net it’s .com is. COMPLEATLY

  29. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    Yeah, that is rather depressing.

  30. Juicesir says:

    I still hold hope this’ll come back.

  31. Air says:

    If he doesn’t, can I draw a guest comic? My drawing has gotten much better!

  32. Muniosi says:

    So, this comic is dead now, right?

  33. mrgameandpie says:

    Hey, first post of 2012!

    …in other news, I’m rather sad it still hasn’t updated, such awesomenessity gone for the foreseeable future.

  34. Anonymous (Not Really) says:

    Welp, it’s been about a year, and I still haven’t given up hope. Here’s hoping such hope isn’t misplaced.

  35. Anonymous (Not Really) says:

    It’s over :(

  36. Ian says:

    Aw…guys, I’m sorry. My life has been crazy beyond belief since the comic stopped. I just ran out of ideas and became so busy I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t know that I’ll never do another strip, but I can’t say when I will.

  37. Jahvonne Combs says:

    Just visiting.

  38. Muniosi says:

    It’s been 2 years. I still have a sliver of hope.

  39. Siergiej says:

    Still visiting. Daily.

  40. L.B. says:

    As long as the site is still up, I will believe.

  41. Siergiej says:

    ” I will endeavor not to have such a long pause in the future, but no promises yet”.

  42. Guimac09 says:

    I will never give up

  43. Muniosi says:

    What’s going on, Ian? :(

  44. Siergiej says:

    Now I can’t unhear Night Vale narrator as the voice of the Flying Man…

  45. Siergiej says:

    Any progress?

  46. Muniosi says:

    Goodbye, Flying Man & Friends. =(

  47. Ian says:

    Guys, I don’t mean to give you too much false hope, but I do have a strip in the works. When I get it ready, it will be posted!