The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Our second new character in as many strips. This little guy is called Platy. Can you guess what he is? His story is a very sad one.

Way back in strip 15, Mr. Stinky found a house. Only he never told Flying Man how it had come into his possession. Then, in strip 39, they hitched the house to Robinson and never looked back.


EDIT: I redid the character page – so go check it out!

Discussion (23)¬

  1. Anonymous (Not really) says:

    Uh… A duck? NO! A beaver. Wait…

    Can someone tell me what the hell a platypus is supposed to be?

  2. Tempy says:

    I have a vague sense of foreboding….

  3. Curus says:

    Is he, by any chance, semi-aquatic and egg-laying?

  4. Earlz says:

    I think he looks like a groundhog or a gopher…

    Why did Flying Man take his house? Does Flying Man not understand that everything in the world is not his to take? No, I bet Mr. Stinky had something to do with his pain and misery…

  5. Ian says:

    If you remember, back when the house first showed up, it was Mr. Stinky who found it. Flying Man probably should have asked him a few more questions. A house is never free. And for that matter, a house is never “found.”

    And yes, he’s a platypus. :D

  6. Stuffgamer1 says:

    He looks sort of like a Prinny, especially with the patchworck connecting the limbs. Weird.

  7. Mum says:

    I think Mr. Stinky may have met his match.

  8. Ian says:

    Just maybe. :D

  9. Ian says:

    Stuff: I designed him to have connecting stitches because I wanted to try a new style, rather than the “fuzzy fluff” of the original three characters.

  10. TIE GUY says:

    …and yet vague to the end.

  11. Ian says:

    I’m not sure what you mean, TG.

  12. ChibiChump says:

    lol im sorry for him but wheen it said *clench* it was very funny because it looks like he doesnt have hands!! does he have hands or was that just some..idk just some random joke or something?

  13. There be a lot of stealing/vengeance in this comic.

  14. TIE GUY says:

    Oh wait sorry didn’t get it before. yeah mr. stinky took it a long time ago.

  15. Audrey Marquis says:

    Oh! The glistening tear has me undone!

  16. Ian says:

    TMitB: Oh yes, stealing aplenty.

    CC: You got it – he doesn’t have hands, so it’s just meant to be funny. What is he clenching? I have no idea. :D

    TG: It’s been a long time, so no worries.

  17. Mad Hatter says:

    Poor Platy. It seems a few people (for lack of a better word) are gunning for Mr Stinky right now.
    By the way- his hops are so cute!

  18. Ian says:

    I know! He has so much joy in his hopping.

  19. Stuffgamer1 says:

    The stiches look good, I think. I just thought it was funny how they also make him look like a brown Prinny with a tail. :D

  20. Xiegfried says:

    Wow I haven’t posted or read in a while. Two new characters! I’m quite fond of them, more so of Platy.

  21. Ian says:

    Glad you approve!

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