The Travelling Show

The Travelling Show

Our friends first began their journey back in strip 39, when they hitched Robinson to the house.

I’m really stoked to have made it to 50 strips. Graphically, the strip is looking better than when it started too.

…oh, and I have it on good authority that we may be seeing a couple of new characters on Friday. But that’s just a rumor.

PS: If you didn’t catch it on the last post, I made a shirt featuring “a fine gentleman’s hat” and “satisfaction.” You can check it out here.


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  1. Earlz... says:

    So is the only way Mr. Stinky knows how to drive is with a whip? And the cheese? It seriously came out of no where! lol

    btw, I’d love to put an ad on your site but I think I like the oranges are better than an ad lol. (jk about wanting an ad tho lol)

  2. Ian says:

    Well, it’s his preferred method of driving. I think he just likes to whip things. And the cheese did indeed come out of nowhere – that’s my favorite part! :D

    I’d been meaning to put up that adbox for a while, but I kept putting it off. The default “your ad here” graphic is boring, so I made my own. I’m glad you approve.

  3. TIE GUY says:


  4. Ian says:

    Why so brief?

  5. TIE GUY says:

    I am speechless of this wonderful comic that’s why.

  6. Ian says:

    Ah, well in that case I approve!

  7. TIE GUY says:

    Camembert is my favorite cheese suprisingly. I see you’ve added a whole new backround too.

  8. Ian says:

    Yep – I thought the mountains should have their own setting, complete with snow. And Camembert just came to me when I was writing the script – my notes said “Mr. Stinky stops to craft a fine cheese.” But I think I chose correctly.

  9. TIE GUY says:

    About the milestone, I find the fact that I have to keep clicking “next” to get to comic say it’s number 25 annoying.

  10. Ian says:

    I’m not sure I follow. You don’t like clicking to go back in the archives? Or are you referring to something else? I do have month-by-month navigation as well, with thumbnails.

  11. TIE GUY says:

    Ah found them, they’re on the calender thingy.

  12. Ian says:

    Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it works well enough. I’m going to tweak it more once I get a chance.

  13. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    Hey man, great comic! Congrats on the big 5-0! My friend and I read FMAF every time it comes out! We’re even considering starting an extremely unofficial fan club. But we’d probably be the only 2 in it, as the other friends who have seen it though it was a huge stack of weird. Pfft! They just have no appreciation for the pure grooviness of FMAF. (For those of you who don’t catch on too fast, FMAF is Flying Man And Friends.)

  14. Leah_The_Hippie says:

    By the way, grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches are frickin’ awesome.
    I felt the need to announce that.

  15. Ian says:

    Hey, thanks Leah! And I understand that a lot of people will take one look at FMAF and scratch their heads. But that’s fine with me. If you want to make a fan club sometime, I’ll give you my official seal of approval. :D

    Oh, and grilled cheese with bacon is indeed awesome.

  16. Loki120o says:

    Bacon alone is already awesome, and so is grilled cheese, Kudos to you for combining to entities of awesomeness without destroying the world(It truly happens sometimes.) and Ian, Congrats on the big five-o*! and if there are new characters, you have to make one that Mr. Stinky ABSOLUTELY HATES, and another whom everyone is to PH33R!
    *Zero just don’t roll wit me

  17. Loki120o says:

    Oh and that fanclub will have four members. (YES INCULDING “JEFFEREY”)

  18. master dylly says:

    because of this i am confused so i will sing the cheese song
    cheese is a kind of meat
    a tasty yellow beef
    cheese is a kind of meat
    a tasty yellow beef

  19. master dylly says:

    i wanna be in the fan club oh and im supprised that splodder isnt here yet

  20. Stuffgamer1 says:

    But Flying Man and Friends IS a huge sack of weird…that’s why we love it! :D

  21. Ian says:

    Dylly, that is an awesome song.

  22. TIE GUY says:

    Any ideas for a christmas themed comic? Just saying.

    - If you can’t do a tie then you’re hardly a guy – motto

  23. Ian says:

    I’m not sure, yet – but maybe. And I can certainly tie a tie.

  24. TIE GUY says:

    It’s my impeccable motto so if you really can… that’s great.

    -If you can’t do a tie then you’re hardly a guy- motto

  25. sploder dude says:

    dylan you lied you said you had posted three comments and i see one and lets do monty pythons bird scetch for our schools talent quest!

  26. sploder dude says:

    50 comics now wait for nifty 150!

  27. Ian says:

    That could be a bit of a wait, but eventually, yes. :D

  28. sploder dude says:

    I got a website yayyy!

  29. Ian says:

    I am indeed doing a Christmas strip!

    What kind of website are you making, sploder?